Book Series: Highland Talents Heritage

Highland Prodigy

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Jamie Lathan is a formidable warrior, yet his life depends not only on his legendary prowess with a sword, but on keeping a dangerous secret. Like his mother, Jamie wields the power of healing magic. From childhood, he knew that those skills, often feared in a woman, would be condemned outright in a man. Discovery could mean imprisonment or death, but Jamie soon learns that denying his compulsion to heal is to deny the very core of himself.

Aftyn Keith desperately tries to fill the role of Healer after her mother dies unexpectedly. Still an apprentice, ill-prepared and hampered by her illegitimate birth, Aftyn knows that her best may not be enough to keep her place as a useful member of the clan. When a handsome Lathan warrior with healing skills far beyond her ken arrives and succeeds in saving his gravely injured kinsman, she begs him to teach her.

Jamie risks everything in choosing to trust Aftyn. But when she unwittingly betrays him, Aftyn is faced with a decision that may gain Jamie's freedom, but cost her the only home that she has ever known. In the face of her growing feelings for Jamie, she knows that either decision will leave her heart broken beyond any Healer's mending.

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Highland Memories

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When fosterling David MacDhai left the Lathan clan, he took the shards of Lianna Lathan’s young love with him. Until the day she follows a gravely ill horse to its injured rider, she believes her heart is past mending. Stunned by a flood of memories, she recognizes the man on the ground before her is the lad she’s dreamed of for seven long years and thought never to see again.
David MacDhai recently inherited a troubled keep in the Highlands. As laird, it is his responsibility to put a stop to whatever is sickening the horses his clan relies on for income and defense. His only hope to save them—and to strengthen his tenuous hold on his clan—lies at the end of a painful journey. David seeks the Highland Healer’s special talents, but her daughter, Lianna, is the one who may hold the key to saving his clan.
Though Lianna is determined not to give David the power to hurt her again, for the sake of his horses, she cannot refuse to go with him. Seeing her unlocks an aching need that he kept hidden deep in his heart and in his memories. As they struggle to uncover the origin of the mysterious ailment, they fight to control the embers of passion flaring brightly between them once more. Can they heal the pain of the past when their very lives may be at risk?
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Highland Reckoning

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Drummond Lathan has never wished for any form of the strange talents that curse his mother’s bloodline. Serving as his father’s advisor, negotiator, and second in command, his position as Lathan heir and his highly honed skill as a warrior garner him more than enough attention without the added burden of the hushed whispers his talented siblings have to bear.

Morven MacComas knows the destructive power of whispers. A year and a day after handfasting, her husband denied her and disappeared, leaving her disgraced and brokenhearted. When she discovered he also left her pregnant, she vowed that there would be but one love in her life—her child. Years later, even as she struggles to deny her attraction to the visiting Lathan heir, Morven fears his recent arrival is somehow linked to a daring daylight raid on her village. Along with cattle, reivers have taken her young son.

Drummond has always had a knack for finding lost things, but believes his success is simple good fortune. As the attraction between Drummond and Morven grows, his heartfelt attachment to her becomes a bond that could lead to the boy—if Drummond can accept that his talent is real and valuable. And if Morven can allow herself to trust in love again before her son is lost forever.


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Tavish Lathan sees the future in his dreams. Because he lacks a full command of the talent he inherited from his mother, his predictions don’t always come to pass. So when death clouds the destiny he foresees for a beautiful visitor to the Lathan keep, Tavish prays this foreshadowing will be one of his unfulfilled visions.

After her seer’s sense warns of danger, Yvaine begs her parents to allow her to accompany them to a gathering of clan chiefs at the Aerie. Her father has his share of enemies, and her powers of prophecy are often less than reliable, so her only hope of seeing the threat in time to protect him is to remain close at hand.

Tavish’s visions fail to predict the ardent feelings he develops when he meets the doomed lass. His efforts to protect Yvaine from her fate cause her to misunderstand his intentions. She believes that he is part of a conspiracy to kill her father. When the real danger appears, can they trust each other—and their burgeoning abilities—enough to keep their dreams of death from coming true?


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Eilidh Lathan is bound to the Aerie by the echo in her blood of her mother’s healing talent and her love for one man. If only she had the courage to tell him—and he felt the same.

Bhaltair Lathan’s intimidating stature makes him the ideal Lathan chief guard. But no matter how gently he treats Eilidh, he believes that she will never welcome him as her lover. Rather, she will forever view him as a warrior to be feared.

On a mission of mercy to a neighboring clan, deadly danger lurks. Bhaltair must save Eilidh from an unthinkable fate. Though their lives depend on trusting each other’s strengths, he fears losing any chance of gaining her heart if he surrenders to his vengeful fury. Can the timid healer and the clan’s most fearsome warrior find a love that will bind them forever?