Title: Highland Echo
Series: Highland Talents Heritage #5

Eilidh Lathan is bound to the Aerie by the echo in her blood of her mother’s healing talent and her love for one man. If only she had the courage to tell him—and he felt the same.

Bhaltair Lathan’s intimidating stature makes him the ideal Lathan chief guard. But no matter how gently he treats Eilidh, he believes that she will never welcome him as her lover. Rather, she will forever view him as a warrior to be feared.

On a mission of mercy to a neighboring clan, deadly danger lurks. Bhaltair must save Eilidh from an unthinkable fate. Though their lives depend on trusting each other’s strengths, he fears losing any chance of gaining her heart if he surrenders to his vengeful fury. Can the timid healer and the clan’s most fearsome warrior find a love that will bind them forever?


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