Title: Highland Echo
Series: Highland Talents Heritage #5

Eilidh Lathan is bound to the Aerie by two things—the echo in her blood of her mother’s healing talent, and her love for one man. But he is unaware that he has claimed her heart. If only she had the courage to tell him—and he felt the same.


Bhaltair Lathan’s intimidating stature makes him an ideal chief guard for the clan. But when it comes to Eilidh, the braw man does his best to be gentle. No matter that he treats her like spun glass, Bhaltair believes that she will never see him as a lover, but will forever view him as a warrior to be feared.


When Eilidh is assaulted by a visiting guardsman and left bruised and shaken, she’s mortified that Bhaltair is the one who saves her from a worse fate. Having seen her at her weakest, Bhaltair wants to hunt down her attacker, but fears losing any chance of gaining her heart if he surrenders to his vengeful fury. Can the timid healer and the clan’s most fearsome warrior find a love that will bind them forever?

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