In today’s USAToday HEA blog, Kathy Altman reviews and recommends HIGHLAND SEER!

FinalHighlandSeer_w7776I don’t want to give away the entire review since I’m sure you’ll want to read it for yourself.  Just click this link!

But to tease you, here are some of my favorites comments:

“Willa Blair’s latest Scottish Highlands historical is the deeply satisfying story of a desperate lady laird and an honor-driven master of arms.”

“16th-century intrigue, muscled men with claymores and a doomed romance — is it any wonder I was reluctant to leave the rich, riveting world of Highland Seer?  Good thing I can make my way back easily enough — all I have to do is treat myself to Blair’s celebrated debut, Highland Healer…”

“Blair has crafted layer upon layer of conflict so ironclad the story teems with tension and expectancy.”

 I’m thrilled!  And to celebrate, I’m going to announce another giveaway…so check back here tomorrow!  

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