The Isle of Man

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My introduction to the Isle of Man came a few years ago via a short-lived reality-TV show called King of Mann in which someone from Maryland claimed to be its last hereditary king and moved there to establish his claim. It was fun to watch, primarily because I never expected to see this part of the world in person.

Was I wrong.

Earlier this month, I got to visit! It’s a lovely place, with both Celtic and Viking roots, where you can see mountainous terrain covered in heather and mist, and rugged coastline guarded by castles and lighthouses. It’s known for a world-famous cross-country motorcycle road race and the tailless Manx cat, and represented by an unusual flag. It’s parliament, the Tynwald, was established by Vikings and is the oldest continuous one in Europe.

It also has a lovely, romantic tartan.

If you ever get the chance to visit—and don’t think it could never happen—go!


A Douglas Harbor
Government Building in Douglas , known as the Wedding Cake
The red trim on this house caught my eye
There are a lot of theories about how the Manx flag’s symbol came about. It may date back to the 16th century—or earlier.
The Isle of Man is a British Crown Dependency, part of the British Isles, but not the United Kingdom
Glorious flowers—a quick snap from the coach.


Castle at Peel on the coast
Peel lighthouse
Castletown, the former capital
Castle Rushen clock presented by Elizabeth the First has only one hand!