Join the Candy Hearts Celebration!



A Sweet Celebration!

Join me and your favorite Candy Hearts series authors for a celebration on Facebook Thursday, 11 February. We’ll  have lots of games and fun giveaways for you and your friends, so spread the word!

The Candy Hearts Romance series is brought to you by The Wild Rose Press. Fun, Flirty and made for Falling in Love on Valentine’s Day, Candy Hearts series books feature everything from sweet and saucy to steamy and naughty!

The Cohost Author Schedule (Times in PST):

3:00 – Cait Jarrod & Barbara Burke
3:30 – Misty Simon & Katie O’Sullivan
4:00 – Peggy Jaeger & Laura Strickland
4:30 – Maureen L. Bonatch & Brenda Gayle
5:00 – Anita Kidesu & Jana Richards
5:30 – Marie Tuhart & Willa Blair
6:00 – JC McKenzie & Tena Stetler
6:30 – Nancy Fraser & Stephanie Kepke
7:00 – Judy Ann Davis & Emma Kaye
7:30 – Allyson Hayes & Angela Hayes (It’s a Hayes party!)
8:00 – Sydney St. Claire & Ursula Whistler
8:30 – Debbie Druzy
9:00 – Doreen Alsen & Kayden Claremont
9:30 – Heidi Wessman Kneale
10:00 – Monique DeVere
All times are in PST

Remember to enter The Wild R0se Press Rafflecopter Giveaway before Valentine’s Day for your chance to win a Kindle Fire!

And get my Candy Hearts book, Sweetie Pie, at your favorite bookseller Here!

Burns Night

Sunday night, we celebrate Robert Burns.  Typically, the highlights of the evening include the formal recitation of his “Address to a Haggis,” the presentation of the “Great chieftain o’ the puddin-race!” and whisky.  Check out a video HERE.


Join me at a Facebook party with 17 Best Selling Authors of Scottish Romance and our MC for the event, Debbie McCreary, on Sunday, Jan 25th, for some fun and giveaways. This is a Ceilidh you won’t want to miss. 

Schedule of Guests:
4:00-4:15 Intro
4:15 Terry Spear
4:30-4:45: Debbie Robbins/ Kate Robbins
4:45-5:00: April Holthaus
5:00-5:15: Suzan Tisdale
5:15-5:30: Victoria Roberts
5:30-5:45: Victoria Zak
5:45-6:00: Terri Brisbin
6:00-6:15: Tanya Anne Crosby
6:15-6:30: Ashley York
6:30-6:45: Lily Baldwin
6:45-7:00: Glynnis Campbell
7:00-7:15: Vonda Sinclair
7:15-7:30: Violetta Rand
7:30-7:45: Book Addicts/Tartan Book Review
7:45-8:00: Willa Blair
8:00-8:15: Tarah Scott
8:15-8:30: BJ Scott
8:30-8:45: Kathryn Lynn Davis
8:45-9:00: Kathryn Le Veque


It’s going to be epic!

Hurts So Good

Congratulations.  You’re on your way to becoming a published author.  Or you’ve already got 20 books on the shelf.  Either way, you’re probably up to your eyeballs in social media.

NO?  Oh no.  You’ve got work to do.  And it’s going to hurt.


It’s not enough that you’re spending hours at your keyboard working on your next bestseller.  That’s just the beginning.  But I’m an author, you say?  I write books?  Yes, you do.  And much, much more.

You must have a website so people can find you – or your author alter-ego.  And that website must have your bio, pictures, favorite links, posts related to your books, covers and blurbs if you have them.  So you get all that set up.  Whew!  Congratulations.  But you’re nowhere near done yet.

Are you blogging?  On your website’s front page, or on a tab?  Do you guest-blog with other authors or sites like Romance University and Savvy Authors?

Then you need a Facebook profile or author page – with posts as often as you can – daily is best. Facebook is relenting a bit on limiting the visibility of posts from an author page, but your readers have to choose to get all of your posts in their newsfeed. So your words may be seen by very few until everyone realizes they can control their newsfeeds – but they’re the few who care, so stick with it.

Twitter is another important medium.  140 characters seem like a lot when you’re racking your brain for something fresh to say.  Retweet your author friends’ posts.   Quote from your books, your reviews, share your Facebook posts.  Oh, yes, and respond to mentions, retweets, and direct messages.

Goodreads?  Yes, that, too.   Face it, it’s becoming another Facebook.  But it’s focused on books, readers and authors, which is great.  Set up an author page.  Post short blog posts – or have your blog from your website feed your Goodreads blog, join groups, post your books, add your books to Listopia lists on Goodreads, become a fan of your favorite authors, make friends, converse and respond to comments.  Ignore the trolls.

Then there’s Google +, the new MySpace, and too many more to mention.

By now, your eyes are crossed, your butt is numb, and your fingers are bleeding.  And it’s a good feeling.  You’re building your brand, making a name for yourself as an author, getting the word out on your books, interacting with fans and fellow authors.

How do you get rid of the ‘hurts’ and keep the ‘so good’?  Learn from  your experience which social media work best for you.  Where do you enjoy the interactions?  Where do you get the most notice?  The most feedback?  Spend your time there.  Ignore the rest, or sharply curtail your visits.


You’ll be a much happier, more productive author.  And you’ll have time to get back to writing that next bestseller.