Make My Day!

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Make My Day – Review!



If you’ve got a few minutes and have read a book in my His Highland Heart series, you’d make this author very happy if you could post a wee Amazon review!

Whether you love my books or not, your star rating and a mere handful of words (such as “Love it!” or “Best Book Ever!” or “Not my cup of tea”) will inform your fellow readers.  In addition, your review will give my book greater visibility and help it qualify for promotional opportunities that require a minimum number of reviews.

Your opinion counts! Finding out what readers love—or don’t like—is important to me.  I do read reviews, so feel free to write as much as you want. 

Take three minutes, click on the cover (above) of a book you’ve read and scroll down to the Customer Reviews section. Click in that “Write a Customer Review” box. Then click on a Star rating and a Comment box will appear. Add a few words, hit return, and you’re done.  

And I’ll be more grateful than you know! Thank you!


Willa Blair