In the Footsteps of Kings & Queens

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Scone and Glamis

To finish out 2018, I’m sharing our last port of call at Dundee. From there, I visited Scone Palace (pronounced skoon), traditional coronation place of Scottish kings, and Glamis (pronounced glams), the favorite home of the late Queen Mother, before finishing the trip in Edinburgh.

The sign below my feet says “STONE OF SCONE, A replica of the stone upon which the Kings of Scots were crowned on Moot Hill until 1296, when Edward I took the stone to Westminster Abbey.”
Scone Palace.

On a sign in front of the chapel on Moot Hill:

“This is the Site of the enthronements of the Kings of Scots and of Scottish Parliaments. The mound is said to have been formed by Lords carrying earth in their boots. After swearing loyalty to their King on their own land, they deposited the soil to create the mound as we see it today.”

Tea and a lovely gluten-free scone at Scone! I felt pampered.

Peacocks had the run of the gardens. Beautiful!

The next day: Glamis!

Glamis a gorgeous estate you don’t want to miss!
A touch of Arthurian legend and gardens.

And finally, it was time to leave Dundee. We got a wonderful send-off at the port!

We were due to visit Leith and Edinburgh the next day, but high winds kept us from transiting the lock into the port. Things calmed enough for tenders to run that afternoon, but since we’d been to Edinburgh before, we opted to stay on the ship and pack. What a view!  Finally, by dinnertime, we were able to enter the port and got a glimpse of the Royal Yacht Britannia where we docked.  

Arthur’s Seat and Leith, and in the distance, the Forth Bridge.
Entering the lock and the Royal Yacht Britannia.

I’m ready for another trip to Scotland! How about you? Who knows what 2019 will hold!