Happy Valentine’s Day!

Posted February 14, 2018 by Willa Blair in Uncategorized / 0 Comments

In January, I asked my newsletter subscribers what they liked best about Valentine’s Day.  Their responses were many and varied.

Quite a few said they were happiest about the sale on candy the day after. Of course!  As one person said, “..it’s the chocolate holiday between Christmas and Easter!”

Other responses were so lovely and thought-provoking, I just had to share some of them here. Enjoy!

“…reminder to stop and reflect on what you love about the one you’re with.”

“…think about people they love and to think of ideas to make them happy. Whether by gifts or by special moments.  The holiday makes us stop our daily routine and crazy schedules to actually show and acknowledge our love.”

“My husband and I went on our first date on Valentine’s Day.  This day represents the beginning of a lifelong relationship, a committed love, and a wonderful family.”

“…the giving & receiving between couples to each other.  My hubby & I enjoy coming up with surprise gifts & notes and the dinner out.”

“Amidst the hectic rush that so many folks live with, it’s great to take time to think about how much others in our life really mean to us and to let them know. The simplest remembrance  can mean more than one realizes. Valentine’s Day is a day for individuals of all ages, youth to oldsters, to take part in and enjoy.  Just saying “Happy Valentine’s Day” may put a smile on someone’s face!”

“What I love about Valentines are the hearts ?❤ everywhere. They beat with lots of love!”

“The thing I like best about Valentine Day is that people are nicer to each other.”

“…it’s not only a time to let all the special people in my life how much I love and appreciate them but it’s also a time to engage in random acts of kindness for those I encounter – particularly if it makes someone smile at my craziness!”

Whatever you like best about the holiday, I hope you have a lovely and heartfelt Valentine’s Day!