Celebrate Read a Romance Month in August!

August is Read A Romance Month! Now that’s an event worth celebrating–and I’m late to the party.  Well, I’ve been a bit busy, in revisions on one book, finishing another, plotting another, and…where has this month gone?  

To give you some ideas for your next favorite romance full of men in kilts, I’ve partnered with some fellow Scottish Historical Romance authors to bring you some of their favorite locations in Scotland, many of which they’ve used in their books.  You can find Part 1 of the article on HEAUSAToday!  There will be more next Monday, as well, so if you, like me, are watching Outlander and are yearning for a trip to the Highlands, or if making that trip has always been on your bucket list, you’ll want to check that out!

And while you’re at it, look for these books at your favorite bookstore!

You might find a new favorite book, or new favorite author–after me, of course!  Enjoy!

OUT with the Old…IN with the New

So Long 2013!

How do I sum up a year in which I achieved a lifelong dream and became a bestselling, multi-published author, with even more books under contract?



So where do I go from here, now that I’ve checked several major items off my Bucket List? Quit while I’m ahead?  Not likely!

Keep on keepin’ on…

I still have “authorly” goals to achieve  And I’ve learned a few things along the way.  So I’ve organized new goals into this OUT/IN list, based on what I think didn’t work, or what could have worked better, during the past year. Some of the IN list might also work for you, but I’d love to hear your ideas as well!


OUT                                        IN

Uncertainty                          Resolve

Procrastination                   At least two hours a day spent writing books

Endless Social Media         Targeted social media and my monthly Newsletter

Blog tours                             My blog

Book signings                      ‘Signed book’ prizes for my Readers & Newsletter Subscribers

Do it all myself                    Hire an assistant

Do it all myself                    Street Team

Do it all myself                    Collaborate on marketing with other authors in my genres 

Traditionally published     Hybrid:  traditionally and indie published

2 books a year                       At least 2 books a year

Write in 1 genre                    Write in at least 1 other genre

Too much sitting                 At least 3 hours of exercise a week

What do you plan to change for the better in 2014?

Leave a comment below, and you might win a signed copy of one of my books!

Whatever your goals may be, I wish you a happy, healthy, productive and prosperous New Year!


Hello 2014!