Journey back to 15th and 16th century Scotland in this collection of short stories spun off from Willa Blair’s bestselling novels in the Highland Talents series and His Highland Heart series.

Plus, Blair’s fans will love the two sneak peeks of upcoming new books!

Calum Brodie and Ella Munro Ross must deal with a devastating injury he received in HIS HIGHLAND LOVE. Just as they are coming together, will deception keep them apart forever?

Keenan and Fenella MacNabb’s story surrounds HEART OF STONE. Tragedy brought them together. Is helping each other past their grief enough to sustain their love?

Jamie Lathan and Caitrin Fletcher’s story begins before HIGHLAND TROTH. They fall in love in a time of tragedy that plants the seed in young Jamie for the novel's shocking climax. Years later, have they found happiness together?

Meet the Sutherland twins, older brothers of Cameron Sutherland, mentioned in HIS HIGHLAND BRIDE. It’s said the lasses can’t resist them. Could it be true, even for the daughter of an enemy clan’s laird?

And more!

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