Title: Highland Beginnings


Welcome to Willa Blair’s novels of braw Highlanders and the lasses who conquer them! This collection of first-in-series Scottish-historical and historical-paranormal adventure novels will introduce new readers to her series starters, and is a great collection for fans who already love her books. Praised for “...vivid characters, authentic prose, and a dash of magic…”, “she writes with rare finesse, setting scenes of action and suspense creating more than just a romance." "Willa Blair makes the Highlands come to life…” 

HIGHLAND HEALER (Highland Talents series) - Toran Lathan never expected to become Laird, and he never expected to meet a woman like Aileanna Shaw. Stolen from her home by a marauding army, she's kidnapped again by the Highland Laird she heals. Is she a prize of war or the prize of his heart? 

HIS HIGHLAND ROSE (His Highland Heart series) - Iain Brodie is a fierce warrior and passionate lover, but to prove he’s responsible enough to follow his ailing father as the clan’s chief, he must give up the lasses and find a bride—quickly. To win Annie Rose, Iain must risk losing everything he values—the clan he was born to lead and even Annie, his only love.

HIGHLAND PRODIGY (Highland Talents Heritage series) - Jamie Lathan is a formidable warrior, yet his life depends not only on his legendary prowess with a sword, but on keeping a dangerous secret. Like his mother, he wields the power of healing magic. Jamie risks everything in choosing to trust Aftyn. But when she unwittingly betrays him, Aftyn is faced with a decision that may leave her heart broken beyond any Healer's mending.

And a bonus contemporary read: WAITING FOR THE LAIRD - Widow Lara MacLaren hungers for the hunky architect she hires to restore her derelict Scottish manor, but is she ready for a relationship...and is Ian ready for her twins? Ian Paterson is eager to awaken Lara's passionate side, yet, if he reveals his ancestral claim to her estate, he risks losing her and his job. His clan’s history, lost over the years, may be hidden in the walls—along with a ghost waiting for the Laird's return.

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