Lovely St. Andrews, Scotland

St. Andrews has a charm that goes well beyond its fabled golf course, university, castle, cathedral, or the beach scene from Chariots of Fire.

One of the things about the town that captivated me was the doors. The variety was incredible and reflected the town’s long history.

I’m looking forward to a return trip someday soon!

Glorious Scottish Spring

It may be summer here, but in Scotland, it was springtime and it was glorious.

I will admit to having been just a wee bit obsessed with finding bluebells. After all, they play such a central role in Heart of Stone, how could I resist? Before this trip, I could only write about them based on what I read on the internet. So to finally get to see, feel and smell them? Trust me, online research is not the same as holding them in your hands. Lucky for me, they were in bloom nearly everywhere we went.

Of course, there were daffodils and tulips and beautiful, new green leaves on the trees and shrubs.  For an East-coaster transplanted to (usually) dry-as-a-bone Texas, spring in Scotland was lush, colorful and refreshing.

Check back soon for more pictures from my trip!