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 MyBookAddictionReviews gives The Healer’s Gift 4 1/2 stars! “A breathtaking tale of Highland magic, lust, intrigue and love…wickedly delicious!” 

“Willa Blair delivers sizzling romance and adventure.” Rebecca York, bestselling author

“If you love romance, Scotland, and mystical happenings, Willa Blair is for you.” Mary Hart Perry, Award-winning author of The Wild Princess

“The Healer’s Gift is another captivating tale from Willa Blair, who brews fabulous Highland stories filled with love, adventure and magic.” Toby Devens, Author of Happy Any Day Now

“Willa Blair is a wonderful story-teller!” Elizabeth Ashtree, RITA® finalist

“Looking for spellbinding Highland romance? Willa Blair delivers.” Chassie West, Edgar- and Anthony-nominated author



MyBookAddictionReviews gives Highland Seer 4 1/2 stars! “WOW! What’s not to love with sensual love scenes that heat up the page and Highland danger! The characters are strong, and engaging. The storyline is absolutely delicious, filled with danger, Highland intrigue, with paranormal twists and Highland suspense. Powerful tale! A must read!” 

200x2014_RONE_Final_historical_medievalHighland Seer won an Honorable Mention in the Historical/Medieval Category of the RONE Award for Best Indie or Small Published Book of 2014rc_logo.jpg

And is a Finalist in the Historical Category for the RomCon 2014 Reader’s Crown! 

Romantic Historical Reviews gives Highland Seer 3 1/2 stars. “…this is different enough from other Highland romances to stand out from the pack, and I will definitely read the others in this series. Ms. Blair’s writing style is natural and evocative . . .”


USAToday HEA recommends HIGHLAND SEER!  “16th-century intrigue, muscled men with claymores and a doomed romance — is it any wonder I was reluctant to leave the rich, riveting world of Highland Seer? Good thing I can make my way back easily enough — all I have to do is treat myself to Blair’s celebrated debut, Highland Healer.”

logo InD’Tale Magazine gives HIGHLAND SEER (Highland Talents #2) ★★★★1/2 Stars! “The lilting dialogue, the portrayal of life in early 1500s Scotland and the wonderful description of the vast and beautiful highlands really puts one in the center of the story…“Highland Seer” is a delightful highland romance!”  Read the full review HERE.

“If you love historical romance with a touch of the paranormal, Willa Blair delivers again. HIGHLAND SEER is another great read from this talented author.” ~Rebecca York, best-selling author

“Willa Blair does it again! Blair tugs at your heart and stirs your soul with this fast-moving, sensual read!” ~Chassie West, Edgar- and Anthony-nominated author

“A plot powered by intrigue and surprising twists, sizzling love scenes, wonderfully drawn highland settings, and unforgettable characters—especially the female laird of the clan—make HIGHLAND SEER a must-read.” ~Toby Devens, award-winning author

“I really enjoyed this engaging, somewhat off-beat tale of the strong, high spirited widow, Ellie MacKyrie. Not only is she her clan’s laird and seer, but she falls for and then takes steps to snare her somewhat reluctant man—what a fun romance!” ~Nancy Baggett, double winner of the Best Baking Book Award

“A hunky Scot, a heroine with a powerful gift, and secrets galore—what’s not to like about Willa Blair’s HIGHLAND SEER?” ~Mary Hart Perry, award-winning author

“Willa Blair delivers on the promise of her debut novel, HIGHLAND HEALER, with another wonderful story, HIGHLAND SEER. If you love historical romance spiced with a hint of paranormal, you’ll want to read this series.” ~Elizabeth Ashtree, RITA® finalist

Selected Reviews:

“From the first page to the last a joy to read. This one goes on mykeeper shelf. There are many layers to the story and I am sure that re-reading it I’ll discover more. And it will be re-read many times over.”

“This was a fun read. The mystical within the romance gives it a great edge. Like “Highland Healer” it was easy to get invested in the characters; Ellie and Donal were awesome. I really wanted to strangle the MacDuff myself! Great job Willa; can’t wait for #3″

“Willa Blair has built a love story of both the Highlands and the world surrounding the aftermath of a horrible war and the people struggling to find new life and meaning to their world…Who cannot love an exciting adventure and a tortured love interest, a terrific second book to the Highland Talents series.”

“Their love story develops slowly, in a physical setting that I felt was both romantic and rough. The descriptions transported me to the highlands. I liked that Ellie went after what she wanted; it was refreshing to depart from the typical timid maiden and meet a heroine who is both wise and mature.”

“I was so caught up in Willa’s debut novel in this series, I’d been looking forward to the next one. Now it’s here. Highland Seer follows some of the characters in the first book, and it’s another winner. Willa Blair recreates a time and a place (she must do so much research) that takes you into a wonderful world, a kind of never-never land that you want with all your heart to have existed. In this one, the romance is once again both torrid and tender, the plot is swashbuckling, and characters hook you into their stories from the first page. Keep writing, Willa. I’m a devoted fan!”


rc_logo.jpgHighland Healer is a Finalist for the 2014 RomCon Reader’s Crown (Historical)!





Four out of five for Highland Healer from Romancing the Book! “This is a great novel. Lovers of Hannah Howell’s highland novels will love this just as well.”

logo14 February 2013 – 3.5 Stars and heat level of 4  “The wonderful setting in the Scottish highlands, along with the mix of valiant characters and a creatively robust storyline succeed in making it enjoyable.”


5 Stars! “This story is action-packed and full of twists and turns that will keep readers on their toes. It is fast-paced and has a sweet romance that will warm your heart. Well written and full of imagination, this story is a must read for historical romance fans!”

chateau-default  4 1/2 out of 5 from MyBookAddictionReviews for Highland Healer!

pillows 4 4 Satin Pillows from Satin Sheets for Highland Healer!  Satin Sheets Romance Review of “Highland Healer” by Willa Blair

“A captivating hero and heroine and a deft plot make this a must-read historical romance.”
New York Times Bestselling Author Rebecca York

“Lose yourself in this lush, romantic adventure by a new and gifted author.”
Kathryn Johnson, Author of the Award-winning “The Gentleman Poet”

“A unique story with just the right mix of romance and action — a truly enjoyable historical.”
Award-winning author Elizabeth Ashtree

“Start reading and the rest of your day is shot. Definitely a winner!”
Award-winning author Chassie West

Selected Reviews:

“I loved this story! I’m a sucker for any romance where the heroes are in kilts. This has just the right amount of paranormal aspect with Aileanna’s talents, but I have to say that it’s Toran who won me over. What a stud! The love scenes were written so beautifully. I just wanted to melt in Toran’s arms. I’m on to the next in the series now. I hope the next hero is as amazing as Toran. Mmmmmmm.”

“Even with the supernatural twist, this Highland romance adventure had a lovely story. It was quite the battle of wills and love ending with … Well, I don’t want to spoil the ending! Highly recommend this story!!!”

“Be prepared to sit for a while because you will not want to put down this book. I have always been a fan of Highland romances and this one ranks right up there among my favorites. Heroine, Aileana, is like no healer you have read before. Her unique and amazing powers put a refreshing spin on 16th century Scotland. She and her talents do not give the hero, Toran, a moment’s peace, keeping the tension thick and the action moving. With a vibrant supporting cast and viciously evil villain, Blair keeps you entertained from page one and does not stop until The End.”

“This is a beautiful love story set in Scotland 1516. Once I started reading I couldn’t stop, the writing just draws you in and I couldn’t put it down until I finished!”

“A lovely historical romance set in an unusual time period, brought to you with all the drama and passion of that era. With a touch of magic in the mix, Highland Healer is a page-turner, filled with memorable, intricate characters. Highly recommend!”

“I admit that I rarely read historical romance but Willa Blair’s Highland Healer has changed that. The saga of Toran, Laird of Clan Lathan and Aileana Shaw, against the background of the unsettling period following the tragedy of Flodden Field, is riveting, intriguing and downright addicting. Aileana’s ability as a healer and Toran’s need for one on both a personal and a clan leader’s basis, along with their growing love for one another, is the basis for a book that will hold you from beginning to end. The characters are engaging, the sensuality smoldering, the tension the kind that plays heck with one’s manicure. Brava, Willa Blair!!”

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