HIS HIGHLAND LOVE (His Highland Heart 2)

hishighlandlovebigLove is Coming in June 2017

A Love Denied
Kenneth Brodie offered for young Mary Catherine Rose but her father declined, then a year later accepted an offer from another clan. Furious at hearing Cat would be married soon to someone else, Kenneth fled to France and drowned his disappointment in wine, women and war.

A Love Lost
Two years after her father demanded they wait until Cat was older, she doesn’t understand why Kenneth hasn’t returned for her. Broken-hearted, Cat spurns yet another betrothal her father arranges and runs away to her cousin in St. Andrews, vowing never to marry.

A Love Worth Fighting For
By the time Kenneth returns home, trouble is brewing in Scotland. Sent to St. Andrews as hostage for his clan to the Regent, Kenneth resents being exiled—until he encounters his lost love, Cat Rose. When war breaks out, they must escape. And even though he betrayed her with more than one mademoiselle, he’s the only man Cat trusts to get her home to the Highlands. Can she forgive his past and renew the love they once shared?


Catherine’s crestfallen expression nearly swayed Kenneth from his purpose, but her safety was more important than how much he wanted her.

“What are ye doing here? Is yer husband with ye?” He kept his tone neutral, as though his question was only meant to be polite conversation, not a veiled expression of yearning from a man who hadn’t seen her in much too long.

“My…? Nay, I am no’ wed. I never have been, though Da has tried often enough. I came here to avoid his latest attempt.”

The upwelling of joy in Kenneth’s chest nearly overwhelmed him. He fought the urge to reach for her. “I heard ye were betrothed to a Makintosh.”

“Among others. Da has tried three times to find an alliance with a husband I will accept.” She crossed her arms and glanced around as if making sure they were alone. “The only husband I want…I ever wanted…is ye. So why did  ye no’ come for me? We had an agree—”

“Childish fancy,” he said, cutting her off before her words could wound him any worse.

She blinked and took a step back.

She’d waited for him, fought her father to honor her promise to him and his to her. All the while, he’d been fighting in France and bedding every willing mademoiselle who crossed his path. He swallowed, hard. He was not even worthy of her regard, much less her love.

“Ye thought any of that was serious?” The words burned his tongue. It hurt to speak the lie nearly as much as it probably hurt her to hear it. But Kenneth could not let her get involved with him again, not while he languished in Albany’s care, and given his past, not ever. So he twisted the knife. “Ye were a wee lassie, and I no’ much more grown.”

Her lips thinned and a muscle in her jaw jumped. “And we are so much older now, aye? Or are ye so much more experienced that a lass like me can no longer satisfy ye…?”

Ach, Cat. Still spitting and hissing and going after what she wanted. She made him proud, and terrified him. He lifted his chin, but forced back the smile that threatened to undo every bit of distance he’d just fought to put between them.

“Aye, ye have the right of it,” he answered, hating the way she seemed to shrink as his words penetrated. He softened his tone. “Heed me. Ye must no’ be seen with me. I’m no’ here because I wish to be. So flee, Cat. And dinna speak to me, or of me, again.” She stiffened and opened her mouth to argue, so he forced past his lips the lie he feared he would always regret. “Yer da will do what is best for ye.” He waved a hand as if pushing her away. “I never will.”