CONTEST! Win Highland Healer’s Audiobook CDs

And the Winner is: Melody Gonser!  Congratulations, Melody.  And thanks to everyone who entered!


B1895_HighlandHealer_DWould you like to win the audiobook CDs of my bestselling Scottish historical romance?  I’d love to give a set away!  The set contains eight CDs and is guaranteed to give you hours of those sexy Scottish accents you love.

What do you need to do to win?   Four things (yes, all four things):

1. Join my mailing list (click on the Newsletter envelope icon on the top right side of this page). Already on my mailing list? That counts!

2. Like my Facebook Author Page and leave “Liked” as a comment.  Already “liked” my author page? That counts!  Not on Facebook?  Like my Goodreads Author Page.  Of course, you’re welcome to do both!

3. Like my Amazon Author Page and share it on Facebook or Twitter (or both).

4. Leave a comment on this page telling me that you’ve done the first three on this list, and where you shared my Amazon author page – Facebook or Twitter?

I’ll pick a winner at random and announce it here in two weeks.  Ready?  Set?  Go!  Good Luck!

23 comments on “CONTEST! Win Highland Healer’s Audiobook CDs

  1. Isabelle says:

    I’ve done all 3 (well, 4 if you consider i Liked both your Facebook & Goodreads pages. ;)
    #81 on Amazon…

  2. annalba says:

    Done i was missing goodreads & amazon .

  3. Julie Duffy says:

    I’ve completed the three tasks Willa and I shared your author page on Facebook.

  4. Melba Zuniga says:

    I’ve done all of them already :D

  5. Kimi Court says:

    Done all three, and shared it on Facebook. :)

  6. Suzy R says:

    Done them all.

  7. susan clement says:

    Completed all three and Goodreads. Shared your Amazon page (#83) and the giveaway on twitter @smc5j. Thank you! Appreciate the giveaway!

  8. Cathy Henderson says:

    You know I’d love to win this!! I’m getting your newsletter, liked your author page for FB, GR and and Amazon. I shared your Amazon author page on FB and Twitter!! and now I’m leaving a reply!!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  9. Done, done and done! ;]

  10. Marybeth Maxwell says:

    Done, done and DONE!! Thanks!

  11. Kathy N says:

    Did it all! (I always wanted to say that.) I shared the amazon like on twitter.

  12. I have done all of them! Loved Highland Healer& love audio CDs!

  13. Stephanie Oladell says:

    I did all the steps to enter. I also shared you with Facebook and Twitter. I’ve been a fan of historical romance for many years.

  14. PJ says:

    done on FB

  15. susan clement says:

    Completed all/shared amazon link on twitter. smc5j

  16. I’ve liked your FB page and fan’d your GoodReads page. I also fb’d and tweeted your Amazon author page. I g+’d and pinned your contest.


  17. Raeline Peterson says:

    Liked all pages and shared on facebook under Raeline Peterson. Thank you.

  18. Natalie Vaccaro says:

    done! shared on Facebook :)

  19. Melody Gonser says:

    I signed up for newsletter, liked you on author page FB and Goodreads
    Liked you Amazon and shared on Facebook,

  20. Ann Leeson says:

    I did all four ages ago Willa

  21. clarehoover says:

    Hi Willa! I’ve “Liked” all & shared your author page on Twitter :)

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