Burns Night Blog Hop


Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains has joined forces with Kilts, Cravats and Chivalry to host a fun Scottish-themed blog hop for Burns’ Night on the 25th.

January is a cold dreich month in Scotland. The strains of Auld Lang Syne have long since drifted over the heather. We need to keep ourselves cheerful somehow. So on the 25th of January we celebrate the poetry of our bard, Robert Burns. 
We pipe in the haggis, toast it with a dram (whisky), eat it and then we consider the life of the man behind the poems. He was a bit of a ladies man for sure and so that is why the speech, known as “The Immortal Memory” is followed with a toast to the lassies and a reply from the lassies. There is poetry and singing and dancing to follow and we all stagger home with our bellies full, our hearts renewed and the knowledge that we only have another 11 months of rain to go this year.

Hop from blog to blog to read our posts and have several chances to win some great prizes. First and foremost, join the  RAFFLECOPTER GIVEAWAY for chances to win a $50 Amazon gift card and  one of five $10 Amazon gift cards!  Next, follow me on Twitter and ‘like’ my Amazon Author Page today to be entered to win a $15 Amazon gift card directly from me. Once you’ve done that, use the form on the Contact tab, above, to report back and send me your email, or you won’t be entered.


Burns is so venerated in Scotland and around the world that his birthday, January 25, is a holiday in many areas and is celebrated with a special dinner.  With Haggis.  More about that in a minute.

His most famous poem in the United States is certainly Auld Lang Syne, sung every New Year’s Eve just at midnight.  

But his next most famous might be Address to a Haggis, recited during the Robert Burns birthday celebration dinner.  I won’t quote it here (it’s quite lengthy).  The haggis is then slit open with a very sharp ceremonial dirk – or a kitchen knife – and dinner is served.  

After dinner, more singing, quoting Burn’s works, and of course, consuming ale and whisky, the evening ends with Burns’s Toast to the Lasses, Reply from the Lasses, a recitation of Burns’s Tam o’Shanter and singing – you guessed it – Auld Lang Syne.

If that sounds like fun, you’re in the right place!  

Now if you’ve taken advantage of my prize opportunities here,  hop on over to the other authors participating tonight.  There are more prizes up for grabs at each of their websites.  

1. Love, Lust and Lipstick Stains 9. Inner Goddess 17. Nina Mason
2. Samantha Holt 10. Hunter S. Jones 18. Kate Robbins
3. A Dirty Book Affair 11. Christina Phillips 19. Scenes from a Chaotic Mind
4. Anne Conley 12. Andrea Bellmont 20. Sarah Bella
5. Em Taylor 13. Isobelle Cate 21. Joanne Wadsworth
6. Kirsten S. Blacketer 14. Storm Chase 22. Anne Stenhouse
7. Willa Blair 15. Ceci Giltenan 23. BJ Scott
8. Nicole Hurley- Moore 16. Tarah Scott
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7 comments on “Burns Night Blog Hop

  1. B.J. Scott says:

    My first stop on the blog hop ;)
    Wishing you many visitors today so they can take a look at your wonderful books and blog

  2. Thanks for a great post and for taking part, Willa!

  3. Ronda Tutt says:

    Toasting a dram to Burns for his inspiration to all you great writers.

  4. Cathy says:

    A ceremonial “dirk”…I’ve never heard that word before. Learn something new every day!
    capefearlibn at gmail dot com

  5. Storm Chase says:

    LOL, and with the only sunny day guaranteed being the 16th of July! I don’t miss the weather; not one bit!

  6. I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland during Burns night. Fun blog hop!

  7. This was fun!! Thanks for the invite Willa! I sent you my contact info and liked your Amazon page :) Sarah

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