Sunday Snippet #41


Sunday Snippets are six- or eight-sentence glimpses into my best-selling, award-winning Scottish romance books.  If you enjoy Scottish romance, keep reading, because I love sharing mine.  Skim back through my blog to read previous snippets. 



Here’s another snippet from HIGHLAND SEER, continuing from last week’s.  Ellie is exactly where she should not be.  Enjoy!

He probably thought she remained angry about Micheil, though in truth, Donal had given him a lesson he sorely needed. The few fighting men they had left were mostly untested. They’d been left behind to guard the keep while the Laird marched off with his heir and their best men to fight with the King four years before. The lads were barely more than bairns. Micheil had done a poor job of training them, but could scarcely be considered at fault, given that he’d still been in training when most of their fighting force fell at Flodden.

They’d been lucky so far that none of their neighbors had tried to overrun them with a massed attack. Instead, they’d picked off her few remaining fighting men, then sought to gain MacKyrie lands through marriage. To her.

She wanted none of them.

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4 comments on “Sunday Snippet #41

  1. P.T. Wyant says:

    Nice explanation of how she got to be in charge and what happened to the men.

  2. I can see why she doesn’t want any of them, there is no time for romance in here.

  3. historysleuth1 says:

    She has a right to be choosy after all of that! I like the way you explained it so it wasn’t like an info dump. Very well done.
    History Sleuth’s Milk Carton Murders

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