Sunday Snippet #31


Sunday Snippets are six- or eight-sentence glimpses into my best-selling, award-winning Scottish romance books.  If you enjoy Scottish romance, keep reading, because I love sharing mine.  Follow along week to week and skim back through my blog to read previous snippets.


FinalHighlandSeer_w7776 HIGHLAND SEER is out on Amazon Kindle!  

And to celebrate,

HIGHLAND HEALER is on sale for a limited time,

so don’t miss it!   

Here’s another snippet from HIGHLAND SEER.  Enjoy!

“What’s this?” Jamie’s exclamation drew Donal’s gaze from the woman beside him back to the glen. A fast moving burn danced down one side, splashing over rocks and flowing deeper into the valley behind them. A large stone building sat at the upper end of the clearing, surrounded by several smaller ones.

“The MacKyrie distillery.” Ellie raised her voice to answer him since he and Micheil had gotten a few lengths ahead. “Ye ken those casks ye saved were full of whisky. This is where we make it.”

For more great snippets, check HERE for the Snippet Sunday group on Facebook. Highland Healer is available now at all the usual outlets. Highland Seer will be out soon.

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5 comments on “Sunday Snippet #31

  1. Karen Michelle Nutt says:

    Congrats on the new release! Sounds like a great read. Love Highlanders. :)

  2. Sarah W says:

    That’ll get their attention! :D I like Highlanders, too—they’re predictably unpredictable.

  3. sharonbuchbinder says:

    Oh, I’ll be all over those whiskey caskets. Nice snippet!

  4. P.T. Wyant says:

    Nice description.

  5. raynegolay says:

    Best of luck with the new release. Whiskey caskets yet. I like that!

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