Six Sentence Sunday Snippet #19


I’m so excited!  I signed the contract last week for the second book in my Highland Talents series, Highland Seer!  This past week I worked on revisions, which I plan to return to my editor in the next two or three days so that Highland Seer can get into the queue for a fall release.

The Lathans have found a clan in trouble.  There aren’t many fighting-age men left, and no one to train the younger lads.  Donal is determined to find a solution to this problem, but he’s got his work cut out for him.

Enjoy my Six Sentence Sunday Snippet!

Donal had collected sticks and wooden swords lying about in the dirt.  He gave one to each lad, paired each lad with another, then ordered, “Show me what ye can do.”

Their enthusiasm for sparring didn’t surprise him, but their lack of skill did.

“Do ye think to defend yerselves or yer mates like that?”

The lads stopped what they were doing and stared at him, wide-eyed.  “Aye,” a brave one answered him.  “We’ll defend our clan to the death.”

“Then die ye will, laddie, unless ye learn how to fight.”



Highland Healer is now available in both print and ebook formats from Amazon,  The Wild Rose Press, Barnes and Noble and other retailers.  Highland Seer will be released later this year.

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8 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday Snippet #19

  1. ajnuest says:

    Love this, Willa! And congrats on the contract!! Whoo Hoo!

  2. ajnuest says:

    Great snippet, Willa! Love this and congrats on the contract! Whoot!

  3. Terrific snippet! I love watching an experienced swordsman teach the younger ones to fight. Says a lot about his character. Congrats on the contract!

  4. Perfect last line or that scene! He has his work cut out for him. Congrats on the contract too. :)

  5. Ryan Derham says:

    He’s got his work cut out for him. Love the dialogue.

  6. Paula Martin says:

    Congrats on the new contract.
    Great scene, I could picture the lads, with more enthusiasm than skill!

  7. Congrats on the contract. :-) I loved this scene. Could picture him teaching the younger ones. Great snippet. :-)

  8. That was the perfect response, lol. And congrats on your contract!

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