Six Sentence Sunday #15 Now We’re Sunday Snippets

Things are a little chaotic since the demise of #SixSentenceSunday.  Our Facebook follow-on group just changed its name to Sunday Snippets.  There’s another group called Sneak Peek Sunday that uses 8-10 sentences.  I’m going to stick with six for now and hope this all sorts itself out soon.  It would be great for all these groups to get together and support each other.

Enjoy my Six Sentence…ooops, I mean Sunday Snippet!  In this one, Toran is just starting to get a sense of the chaotic situation he’s landed in.

He needed to get a look outside. If he could move quietly enough so as not to wake the lass, he could peer out the tent flap. His boots were lashed together with enough slack between them to hobble him, but not to prevent him from walking in some limited fashion. He considered trying to remove them, but the bindings around his ankles were too tight, and even if he got the boots off, he didn’t want to lose them. He wouldn’t get far on bare feet, so he’d have to find a way to cut the cord between them. First things first.

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11 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday #15 Now We’re Sunday Snippets

  1. Sarah W says:

    Interesting dilemma he has—now, who’s the lass in his tent?

  2. Loved the visual and what a situation to be in. Can’t wait to see what happens next. Great snippet.:-)

  3. Great description of this moment! Sounds like he’s in quite the mess. ;c)

  4. Terrific visual of his situation. I love his determination as well. This one’s on my iPad, just waiting for me to dive in. Great snippet!

  5. Great illustration of his plight. I could feel the tension in the snippet. Good job!

  6. Whatever the paranormal talents are, they apparently don’t extend to getting the boots separated.

  7. Jess Schira says:

    Awesome visual. He’s far more graceful than me, I would have tripped after about two steps.

  8. I agree with all the comments so far, fab visuals and excellent tension building. xx

  9. Paula Martin says:

    Intriguing six, look forward to finding out more.

  10. Amy Durham says:

    What a dilemma! Nice detail!

  11. Karysa Faire says:

    Great detail. I could easily visualize him hobbled and debating what to do.

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