Six Sentence Sunday #9

Happy New Year!  For the first Six Sentence Sunday post of the new year, Clan Lathan’s elderly healer, Senga, tells Aileana some of Toran Lathan’s history.  But most important, Aileana learns that Senga welcomes her presence.  For the first time, Aileana begins to feel that she has found a new home.

Enjoy this week’s Six Sentence Sunday!

“He became laird—something he never wanted. But laird he is and a good one – fair and far-seeing. Perhaps he has a touch of the Sight, himself. He’s been forging alliances with the neighboring clans.”

“That is why he was with the MacAnalens?”

“Aye, and a good thing, too, for he brought ye to us.”

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One comment on “Six Sentence Sunday #9

  1. Always good to gain insight about the hero!

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