Six Sentence Sunday #8

In honor of the waning year, I’ve chosen a selection from Highland Healer when Aileana says goodbye to the life she left behind and faces the life ahead of her.

Enjoy this week’s Six Sentence Sunday!

Shivering, she remembered that castles had dungeons. Surely, he couldn’t mean to throw her in the dungeon, could he?

Then she recalled how Toran had described it.

A home like any other.

Longing warred with anxiety and fatigue.  Longing won.

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2 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday #8

  1. Castles, dungeons! I love both. Really good six. Does he throw her into the dungeon I wonder. 😳

  2. Lynn Worton says:

    I love the six sentences! It makes me want to read it. I’m downloading it now! :)

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