Six Sentence Sunday #5

Today, I’m sharing the opening paragraph of book 2 in my Highland Talents series, which I’m calling Highland Seer.  This is Donal MacNabb’s book.  He’s known for being stubborn, skeptical, practical, occasionally outspoken, and fiercely loyal.  When Donal finally meets his match, it’s a contest to see which of his flaws will destroy any chance at happiness they might have.  How does she win the love and loyalty he gives so rarely?

Enjoy this week’s Six Sentence Sunday!

Donal McNabb of Clan Lathan held up his left hand and closed his fingers into a fist.  The six men following him reined their mounts to a stop.  He glanced at Jamie Lathan and saw him nod.  Aye, he heard it, too.  The breeze carried banshee shrieking and the rough clatter of horses hooves on rocky ground.  Still at a distance, but ahead.

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Highland Seer is not available yet.  But Highland Healer is on sale on Amazon Kindle until 4 January.  Don’t miss it!  Click here!  

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