Six Sentence Sunday #3

My readers rock.  Thanks to you,  Highland Healer is a bestseller on Amazon!  I’m blown away – and grateful for your terrific reviews.  So I’m going to reward you with a deeper glimpse into the bond between Toran and Aileana.   Enjoy this week’s Six Sentence Sunday!

Even when his touch left her skin, Aileana was aware of him.  She knew she would be able to find him on the darkest night, in the deepest forest.

But when they did touch, her heart beat with his, and his hot blood seemed to course through her veins.  His hunger for her was a living thing.  She missed that knowing as he leaned over her from where he stood by the bed, so she reached for him.

“Are ye certain, lass?” Toran asked, his voice deep, his brogue thick with his need.

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6 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday #3

  1. When you know it’s right, it’s right. Great six.

  2. maccrowne says:

    Lovely six, Willa. Highland Healer is on my kindle. Now, to find the time to read. ;-)

  3. kimberlykcomeau says:

    Nice, sensual six, Willa.

  4. lisarayns says:

    Great six!

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