Six Sentence Sunday #1

Good morning! It’s not time to “Fall Back” from daylight savings time yet, but it’s after midnight on the East Coast and time for Six Sentence Sunday! Enjoy my first Six Sentence Sunday post, a quote from Highland Healer!

“Senga!” he cried while pulling Aileana up against his chest. She was so still, so pale, so cold, as though she had taken her own life and gifted it to Jamie.

Senga left Jamie’s side and reached out to Aileana, where she lay in Toran’s arms.

“She breathes, though weakly. She’s spent.” At the panicked look in Toran’s eyes, she continued, “Nay, no’ like that. She’ll no’ die on ye.”

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4 comments on “Six Sentence Sunday #1

  1. raerenzi says:

    Touching scene… makes me want to read more! Love Highland stories!

  2. Powerful six! Welcome to Six Sentence Sunday.

  3. Willa Blair says:

    Thanks! So glad you like it!

  4. lyricjames says:

    Can feel the anguish in this six. Good job!

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